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Brilliant Futures Montessori offers Toddler and CASA programs, welcoming children from twelve months to age six.
We also offer before and after care daily.


Toddler Community

12 months to 2.5 year old
At Brilliant Futures Montessori, great care is taken to create a learning environment that reinforces each Toddler’s independence and natural drive toward self-development.  The child’s primary motor coordination, independence and language is cultivated.  The Montessori activities are beautifully handcrafted to be appealing and have a sequence of order.  They are placed on low shelves for easily accessibility. Each piece of material has a specific purpose and is presented to the child in a nurturing manner which enables self-guided learning.  The Montessori activities are tools to stimulate the child into logical thought and discovery.  They are provocative, enticing and simple.  The Toddler Program is also a vibrant community of children where  each child learns to interact socially.  We accept children under the age of 18 months when conditions are met.

​Toddler Program Hours:
Monday to Friday
Full-Day Program:  8:30-4:00pm


CASA Community

2.5 to 6 years old
In the Casa program, children from age 2.7 to 6 are undergoing a process of self-construction. The children are engaged with specifically designed Montessori equipment to aid their ability to absorb knowledge and continue their development of self-construction. There are four main areas in the CASA program: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics. Considerable emphasis is also placed on Creative Arts, Music, Science, Geography and Cultural Studies. This environment brings a connection of the world to the child. Items such as globes, maps, songs, land forms, pictures of different cultures are presented to the child with the intention of building a solid foundation for the child to grow appreciating the world.

CASA Program Hours:
Monday to Friday
Full-Day Program:  8:30-4:00pm


Extended Care Program

Brilliant Futures Montessori offers working parents the Extended Care Program.  Extended Care is a quality program that enriches the children academically, socially, emotionally and physically. During The Before Care Program, children have the opportunity to begin their usual activities of the day. During The After Care Program, the children are usually ready for a little rest, relaxation and fun. Children have the opportunity to continue their self-directed learning or to engage in alternate activities. This time may include fun play such as arts and crafts, or activities that focus on skills in sports, music or dance. Children in after-school care may spend additional time in the playground.

​Before Care Hours:
Monday to Friday
7:45am – 8:30am

After Care Hours:
​Monday to Friday
​4:00pm – 5:00pm


Music Program

Brilliant Futures Montessori extends learning through music by providing opprotunities for children to sing, listen to songs and play instruments.  Our children love to sing! Students experience a variety of songs to support musical concepts, provide movement or simply for enjoyment.  It is an important way for children to express themselves and widen their ability to learn and accept new concepts.  Our children love to listen to music!  We help children to listen for elements of the melodies by actively listening for the tone, pitch, tempo, and rhythm. Our children love to play instruments!  Children experience different types of rhythm instruments such as the bells, triangle or drum.  It gives each child an opportunity for success in being able to experience simple to complex rhythms.

Our method speaks directly to our students with age-appropriate activities to help develop their ability to learn music along with enhancing their cognitive, physical and social skills. Each concept is introduced and supported through auditory, tactile, analytical and visual learning styles to ensure that every child has the highest level of success in learning each concept. The curriculum is created to entice children to build an appreciation for music while building a strong foundation for well-educated and well-balanced individuals. We strive to help children develop the love for music by providing a positive experience to carry with them throughout their lives.


French Program

Living in a country with two official languages makes bilingualism an important element of a Canadian education. Brilliant Futures Montessori integrates French instruction into the daily routine in both the Toddler and Casa communities ensuring the children gain natural and regular exposure. Starting in our toddler program, our youngest students have an opportunity to be exposed to the French language beginning at 18 months of age. This early exposure and opportunity to use a newly acquired language regularly is key to developing native-like fluency with ease, which is much harder to achieve as students grow older.  In the Casa level, we use a combination of visual teaching aids, gestures and the spoken language to ignite the passion for learning the French language. The children are encouraged to learn at their own pace, as the teacher observes and provides assistance whenever needed.

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We welcome children from the entire Niagara Region. We are located in the north end of St. Catharines at 325 Scott St.  Book a tour today to see how a Montessori experience can benefit your child. Please call (905) 935-1092 for a personalized tour.