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Multi-Aged Groupings

Based on the Planes of Development. In Montessori classrooms, Children are grouped in three or six-year development stages and have the same teacher for this period.

The first group is called the “Nido” and consists of children aged 0-1, or “until walking”.

The second group is known as the “Infant Community” and is from around one year to age 2-3.

The third group is the “casa dei bambini” and is from the age approximately, 2.6 -6.

The forth group is from 6-12, a larger age span because the children for this 6 years exhibit the same tendencies and learning habits.The emotional and physical growth is steady and the intellectual work strong. The 7 year old learns from and is inspired by children much older, and the teaching is done by older to younger as well as younger to older. This large age span helps to avoid the tendency of some teachers to over-schedule and over-direct students who need ever more freedom of time-planning and research. Sometimes this age group is divided into two sub-planes 6-9 and 9-12.

The next group is the 12-15 which is a more emotional time with less ability to focus on intellectual work. Dr. Montessori called this time the Erdkinder, and proposed a farm school with real work close to the earth. The high school years are, as in traditional schools, a time of much more intellectual work, but with a different kind of child who has been through years of critical thinking, caring for the earth and other people, and independent research.

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